MBS400 multi powered fence energizer – Gallagher

General Details

MBS400 multi powered fence energizer from Gallagher.

This multi-purpose fence energizer can be used as a plug-in Energizer, or used with a 12v battery and/or solar panel. Powers up to 60 miles / 280 acres of clean fence and offers uncompromising performance. Features low impedance that will shock through weeds and brush.

Clean Fence:60 miles / 280 acres

Typical Fence:20 miles / 120 acres

4 Stored Joules

  • Flexibility in fence management – designed for 110v (plug-in), battery or solar installations
  • Gain peace of mind that fence is working properly – LED bar graph indicates fence voltage performance
  • Check battery at a glance – flashing red light shows when battery is running low
  • Portable, water resistant case, with built in lightning protection
  • Easy set up for both portable and permanent use in any location
  • Leadsets are included
  • Battery not included​
  • Solar panel sold separately