All bedding can be mixed and matched to make 10+ pricing.

Type of Bedding Size / Weight
Pine Shavings 3.25 cubic feet
Wood Bedding Pellets 40 lbs
HealthiStraw Coarse* 3 cubic feet
HealthiStraw Fine* 3 cubic feet
Hemp Universal Bedding 45 lbs
Straw Bale
*What is healthiStraw?

Healthistraw virtually dust free animal bedding is high quality 100% wheat straw. It is available in different lengths which allows you to customize your animal’s comfort. Skyline Harvest removes the dust and mold spores from the straw to reduce the risks to your animals and to yourself. HealthiStraw is more absorbent than raw straw and has 12 cubic feet per package. The packaging makes it very convenient – no more straw in your trunk or backseat.