We offer the following ingredients:

Ingredients Weight/Size
Corn Distillers 25 kg
47% Soybean Meal 25 kg
Roasted Soybeans 25 kg
Wheat Bran 25 kg
Dried Molasses 25 kg
Beet Pulp 25 kg
Diamond VXP Yeast 25 kg
Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) 25 kg
Hydrated Lime (outhouses) 25 kg
Calcium Carbonate (limestone for barns and coops) 25 kg
Star Lake Earth (feed grade) 50 lbs
Cane Molasses Liquid 20 liters
Milled Flax Seed 50 lbs
Whole Flax Seed 50 lbs
Magnesium Oxide 25 kg