Frey’s Hatchery Delivery Dates & Details


2024 Pickup Dates – Tuesdays at 4:30pm-6:00 pm depending on flight times

Chicks: April 2, 16, 30, May 14, 28, June 11, 25, Sept 10

Turkeys: April 16, 30, May 14, 28 June 11, 25, Sept 10

Ducks: April 16, 30, May 14, 28 June 11, 25

Pheasants: May 14, 28 June 11, 25


Air Express Charges

Because chicks from Frey’s Hatchery are shipped via air to Thunder Bay, the additional costs are listed below. ALL ORDERED CHICKS NEED TO BE PICKED UP AT THUNDER BAY FEEDS IN MURILLO, ONTARIO. Pickup is on the listed dates between 4:30pm and 6:00pm. We don’t ship birds to customers. 

Freight Charge :

Box of 5-25 chicks:  $18.00 (plus tax)

Box of 26-50 chicks: $35.00 (plus tax)

Box of 51-75 chicks: $50.00 (plus tax)

Box of 76-100 chicks: $67.00 (plus tax)

*$25 Deposit required per order. Any date or quantity changes or order cancellations will forfeit the deposit.

SMALL ORDER CHARGE- A $10.00 charge will apply to an order quantity of less than 10. (Minimum quantity per species is 5).

A guarantee of 96% sexing accuracy on pullet orders, with the exception of Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. (on orders over 30). No sexing accuracy guaranteed for orders less than 30 chicks. DO NOT order Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds if you absolutely cannot have any cockerels.  

PLEASE PLACE ORDERS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, AS SOME BREEDS HAVE LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. To Place your order, come in and talk to one of our sales associates or call (807) 935 2921.