2024 chick season is around the corner!

We have started on the new chick info for 2024. While we are working on the chick information pages, you may find that a few pages won’t be accessible. We aim to have the new information ready by early March.

A Rewarding Experience

It is very rewarding to collect eggs from your own chickens. You will be amazed about the size of your eggs and their taste. Whether you are looking for some extra income, or just like some additions to your barn yard that your children can help raise; we offer affordable, high quality chicks.
And of course it will be a one-stop-shopping experience since we carry a full line of feeds and accessories like heat lamps and waterers.

FOUR hatcheries

In 2023, we offered four hatcheries to choose from: Berg’s, Frey’s, Performance Poultry and Feathered Acres. Feathered Acres is a family-run hatchery in Southern Ontario that offers high quality ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. We look forward to working with them and our other trusted hatcheries.

They all have slightly different prices and delivery dates, so please keep that in mind that if a certain type of bird is offered by more than one hatchery. Whether you like to raise chickens (layers and meat birds), ducks, geese, Guinea Fowl, pheasants or turkeys, all hatcheries will deliver quality birds.
We do not offer any hatching eggs.

The ordering process step-by-step

Select your birds

Have a look at this year’s offerings! The ordering season is from April to September. From the main menu you can look at all birds on one page or make a selection of the type of birds you are looking for. NOTE: We don’t offer hatching eggs.

Get your order in

You can order in store or simply call us at (807)935-2921. Get your order in as soon as possible, as the availability of some breeds is limited.

Pay your deposit

No orders will be sent out till a $25 deposit is made. Any date changes, quantity changes or cancellations will forfeit the deposit.

Pick-up only

We do not ship day-old-chicks; they must be picked up at Thunder Bay Feeds on the date your birds arrive.