Frey’s Hatchery Birds

These are the birds you can order from Frey’s in 2024. You can see and print our price list here.

Barred Plymouth Rock (Frey’s Hatchery)

Veteran of all the brown egg breeds

Black Sex-Link (Frey’s Hatchery)

Top egg producers of large brown eggs

Blue Egglayer Breed – AZURE BLUE (Frey’s Hatchery)

High-production layer, producing around 295 eggs per year.

Dark Brown Egglayer Breed – NOIRAN (Frey’s Hatchery)

Will lay around 295 dark brown eggs per year.

Green Egglayer Breed – OLIVE (Frey’s Hatchery)

Will lay around 275 green eggs per year.

Hatch day Choice (Frey’s Hatchery)

Fill your order with whatever breed(s) we have the most of on your delivery date.

Layer Variety (Frey’s Hatchery)

An attractive assortment of usually 3 different breeds of brown egg layers

Rhode Island Red (Frey’s Hatchery)

A good producer of large brown eggs, yet quiet and easy to handle.

Rhodebar (Frey’s Hatchery)

Will lay approximately 250 eggs per year.

SASSO Dual Purpose – five kinds (Frey’s Hatchery)

Top egg producers of large brown eggs

White Egglayer Breed – LEGHORN (Frey’s Hatchery)

Producing approximately 275-300 white eggs per year.

White Muscovy Ducklings (Frey’s Hatchery)

Great for meat, efficient weed eaters