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Cornish Cross Giant Broilers (Berg’s Hatchery)

Cornish Cross Giants are fast growing and great for roasters and fryers.

Grazers (Berg’s Hatchery)

This breed from Berg's Hatchery are slower growing colour chickens.

Frey’s Special Dual Purpose

Slow growing meat breed

Columbian Rock x Red (Berg’s Hatchery)

One of the hardiest breeds to be found.

Rhode Island Red (Frey’s Hatchery)

A good producer of large brown eggs, yet quiet and easy to handle.

Black Sex-Link (Frey’s Hatchery)

Top egg producers of large brown eggs

Barred Plymouth Rock (Frey’s Hatchery)

Veteran of all the brown egg breeds

Layer Variety (Frey’s Hatchery)

An attractive assortment of usually 3 different breeds of brown egg layers

Hatch day Choice (Frey’s Hatchery)

Fill your order with whatever breed(s) we have the most of on your delivery date.

Rouen Ducks (Berg’s Hatchery)

Green egg layer, looks like a Mallard

Pekin Ducks (Berg’s Hatchery)

Most popular duck for meat

Khaki Campbell Ducks (Berg’s Hatchery)

Excellent egg production

White Danish Geese (Berg’s Hatchery)

Great watch dogs, ideal for meat production

White Muscovy Ducklings (Frey’s Hatchery)

Great for meat, efficient weed eaters

White Egglayer Breed (Frey’s Hatchery)

Efficient layer of white eggs