CHIKPEK™ Beak Blunting Supplement for Poultry

Masterfeeds ChikPek is a revolutionary feed supplement and tool, designed for preventing and controlling pecking vices in chickens and other classes of poultry. ChikPek helps blunt the beak with the continuous and mild abrasive effect it has with each peck.


ChikPek offers unique formulation and innovative technology made with conventional ingredients and nutrients to encourages continuous pecking of the block as well as visual and recreational attraction. ChikPek is non-medicated, non-toxic, economical, and a humane solution to pecking problems.

  • Encourages continuous pecking of the block and helps minimize injurious pecking.
  • Encourages instinctive foraging and exploratory behaviour.
  • Occupies and diverts attention from other birds.
  • Doesn’t interfere with regular nutrition program.
  • Safe to feed all life stages and classes of poultry.