White Rock X Broilers (Frey’s Hatchery )

These extra heavy meat-type birds from Frey’s Hatchery are bred for meat only. Their strength is in their efficient conversion of feed into meat. They are basically white in colour, and the pullets can be grown to 8 or 9 lbs., and the cockerels from 10 to 12 lbs. If purchased as non-sexed, the fighting of the cockerels is reduced. Pullets will substitute well for capons. Cornish Game Hens are produced by growing pullets of this breed to 2 lbs. live weight.

Quantity Pullets Mixed Cockerels
5-19 $2.95 $2.95 $3.20
20-49 $2.45 $2.45 $2.70
50-99 $1.95 $1.95 $2.20
100 and over $1.70 $1.70 $1.95

Deposit Charge – A $25.00 deposit is required per order. Any date or quantity changes or order cancellations will forfeit the deposit. 

Small Order Charge –  a $12 charge will apply to an order quantity of less than 10 (minimum quantity per species is 5)

Beak trimming is $0.16 per chick.
Check the delivery dates and shipping and handling fees.