White Muscovy Ducklings (Frey’s Hatchery)


Great for meat, efficient weed eaters

The South American Incas, so it’s said, domesticated these quackless red-carnucled ducks centuries ago. Muscovy duck has been widely renowned for its distinctive flavour, firm flesh, and high yield after cooking – Muscovies have more breast meat, smaller bones, and less fat than other ducks. The drakes weigh about 10lbs and the hens around half the size. For the traditional roasting duck with that fine “ducky” flavour, you need to raise them at least 14 weeks. The feed efficiency will drop as the birds get older and heavier, but the improved meat quality and better dressing percentage will make it worthwhile. These bare red faced ducks are efficient weed eaters but will also love your garden if you let them have the chance.

White Muscovy Ducks Prices:

Amount 5-19 20-49 50-99 100+
Price $4.70

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