White Egg Layers (Performance Poultry)

NEW!! A variety of regular white egg layers from Performance Poultry. You pick the breeds.

Text: Performance Poultry, with permission.

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The four breeds below are MIXED $6.30 and SEXED $7.30 ea

Ancona – Anconas originate in Italy; they are active, alert, good layers and look attractive in their mottled feathering.

California Grey – This breed originates in the US and was developed to be a dual purpose breed that lays white eggs. They are a good layer.

Blue Andalusian – This breed originates from Spain and is mainly kept for its striking blue-laced plumage; the hens are good layers.

Minorca – Buff, Black – The Minorca is a Mediterranean breed; it is popular for showing and the hens are good layers.

LeghornDanish Brown – Leghorns originate in Italy; they come in a variety of colours and are kept for exhibition and for egg laying.