SunRise Poultry Feeds

Poultry Grower, Broiler Grower, Laying Ration, Turkey Grower and Chick Starter

Sunrise LogoSunRise poultry feed is an all natural option to feeding your birds. All SunRise mash products are made right here at Thunder Bay Feeds with high quality grains and plant proteins. Our SunRise 20% Starter is in a crumble form and is custom made for us. It is the only product that contains Amprolium, to maintain the health of your chicks. They are all made from natural plant-based ingredients and are free of all animal proteins and fats. This line of SunRise feeds consists of well-balanced rations that have corn and wheat for energy, soy for protein and a vitamin/ mineral supplement – all to provide your flock with a nutritional and healthy food.
Because feeding is the major cost of raising poultry, you want the best feed for your dollar and we know that choice is SUNRISE!!

  • SunRise 16% Poultry Grower*
  • SunRise 19% Broiler Grower*
  • SunRise 18% Laying Mash*
  • SunRise 20% Turkey Grower*
  • SunRise 20% Chick Starter MEDICATED

Available in 25 KG bags
*Available in 1 tonne tote bags (pre-order 3 days in advance for 1 tonne).