Simple Boot

Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot, excellent for:

  • All-terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse
  • Comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity
  • Rehabilitation from injuries
  • Protection during trailering and breeding

Simple to put on and remove, built-in drainage, shaped for the natural hoof, absorbs shock.

Genuine leather upper is comfortable and flexible. Mould-in back flap for bulk protection and abrasion resistance. Durable construction and waterproof tread. Unique Outsole is an all-terrain tread that minimizes build-up of mud, sand and debris. The tread pattern supports the hoof wall. Provides maximum protection.

Simple to measure, fit and to put on and remove. Simple Hoof Boots provide comfort for your horse, whether it’s simply for a ride on terrain to which his hooves are unaccustomed, protection over gravel or rocks or added security on slippery pavement.
Simple Boot is a Multi-Purpose Hoof Boot. These boots are made for walking, trotting, jogging, jumping and just having a great time!