Rope Halters

General Details

rope halter on mini horseThunder Bay Feeds carries a selection of Rope Halters that work together with the idea of Natural Horsemanship.

When used correctly a Rope Halter is an effective training aid. Strategically placed knots on the Rope Halter cause pressure that gets the horse’s attention, causing the horse to yield and appropriately respond to the pressure.

A Rope Halter can be used on any horse to gain his attention, disengage the hindquarters, back up, flex, bend at the poll, step underneath in the hind, move the shoulders around, and to move laterally.

The relatively thin rope of the Rope Halter is humane in that it will not cut the horse and follows the principles of Natural Horsemanship.

We carry a wide variety of colours and different kinds of rope halters.

Rope halter

Natural Horsemanship Halter –
The key to natural horsemanship training

Rope halter

Noseband stays wide open for sliding it over the horse’s nose

Rope halter

BURWASH side pull riding halter; 4-knot version, using a firm lay cord

Rope halter

We also carry a line of Rope Halters and Leads made from poly rope