Red X Columbian Rock (Frey’s Hatchery)

This bird is a very hardy dual-purpose breed and its excellent performance has won wide approval for small flocks over the last 30 years. The pullets are reddish-brown in colour, very quiet and easy to handle, and have a body weight of close to 6 lbs. at end of lay. The eggs are rich brown in colour, with good shell texture and interior quality. Males grow up white with some black markings.

Quantity Pullets Mixed Cockerels
5-19 $3.60 $2.80 $2.60
20-49 $3.10 $2.30 $2.10
50-99 $2.60 $1.80 $1.60
100 and over $2.35 $1.55 $1.35

Deposit Charge – A $25.00 deposit is required per order. Any date or quantity changes or order cancellations will forfeit the deposit. 

Small Order Charge –  a $12 charge will apply to an order quantity of less than 10 (minimum quantity per species is 5)

Beak trimming is $0.16 per chick.
Check the delivery dates and shipping and handling fees.