Rare & Unusual chickens (Performance Poultry)

Text: Performance Poultry, with permission.

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Chantecler – Partridge, Buff – Developed in Canada, the Chantecler is a beautiful dual-purpose breed that can withstand cold weather..

Spangled Russian Orloff – An unusual and friendly breed of chicken that has a beard, muffs and a walnut comb, the Orloff is believed to originate from Iran.

Mixed – $8.50

Barnevelder – Barnevelders originate from Holland and are sought after for the very dark brown eggs they lay. Plumage pattern is double laced partridge.


Cuckoo Maran – Similar in colour to the Barred Rock, the Cuckoo Marans lays a much darker brown egg.

Welsummer – Developed in Holland this breed lays beautiful dark terracotta-coloured eggs; the birds are also very nicely marked.


Dominique – This American breed is very similar looking to the Barred Rock; a quick differentiation between the two is the Dominique’s rose comb compared to the Barred Rock’s single comb.

Easter Egger – Developed in the US, this breed lays mostly green eggs and is friendly in nature.

Mixed – $7.90 — Sexed $8.95