Grass Seed Mixtures for Pastures

Through testing and performance programs DLF PICKSEED has developed specific blends that target groups and their needs.

Highly productive pasture mixture. This well balanced mixture contains non bloat legumes and is widely adaptable.

35% Fleet meadow Bromegrass
20% Orca Orchardgrass
20% Oxley II Cicer Milkvetch
10% Carnival Tall Fescue
10% Perennial Ryegrass
5% Richmond Timothy

Contains a bloat reduced Alfalfa. Quick regrowth, good drought tolerance and season long growth makes this mixture a great long term pasture.

40% Fleet Meadow Bromegrass
15% Kirk Crested Wheatgrass
15% Carnival Tall Fescue
15% Swift Russian Wild Ryegrass
15% AC Longview Alfalfa

Well balanced horse pasture mix offering high quality forage production.

Stands up well under heavy grazing.
Consists of:

10% WestStar Alfalfa Blend
25% Fleet Meadow Brome Grass
15% Richmond Timothy
20% HiPro Orchard Grass
20% Forage Type Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Perennial Ryegrass