Contains protein, fibre, vitamins, and over 70 minerals (including calcium, sodium and potassium). Feed 14 g daily.

Kelp is most commonly fed to horses for the iodine content, to improve the production of Thyroxine, the hormone that regulate metabolism, improving stamina with greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles. Low levels or deficiencies of Thyroxin result in a sluggish metabolism, characterized by poor hair coat, weakened immune system, lethargy and decreased core temperature.

Kelp also contains exceptional levels of trace minerals, essential Vitamins, B complex, amino acids, electrolytes and immune booster plant polyphenols (antioxidants) and electrolytes (potassium, sodium), folate and Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps prevent blood clotting and maintains healthy blood vessels but also plays a major role in bone metabolism, cartilage and joint integrity. Folate, along with Vitamin B12 is critical for red blood cell production.

Kelp is also beneficial to improve gut health as it is an effective “prebiotic”, furnishing polysaccharides to sustain the good microflora and will provide an all-around nutraceutical support for daily training and competition events.

Available Size: 5.5 KG