Hog Feeds

Thunder Bay Feeds has a complete hog feeding program to get your weanlings started, growing and finished.

To get your hogs off to a great start, Vigor Pig Starter is specially designed for young pigs, weighing 7kg up to 25kg. Vigor Pig Starter ensures the right nutrients for pig growth and wellness during this critical phase. From 25kg up to a finishing weight of 115kg, we offer three Thunder Bay Feeds hog feeds: Thunder Bay Feeds Hog PreGrower, Thunder Bay Feeds Grower, and Thunder Bay Feeds Finisher. We carry Vigor 16% Hog Grower as well, which is a crumble.

All Thunder Bay Feeds Hog mash products are made right here at Thunder Bay Feeds with natural plant-based ingredients and are free of all animal proteins and fats.

By feeding the right diet to your pigs at the right time, you are ensuring maximum weight gain in the shortest time possible, and maximum profit.


Hog Weight Recommended Feed
7 to 25kg Vigor Pig Starter
25 to 55kg Thunder Bay Feeds Hog PreGrower
55 to 85kg Thunder Bay Feeds Hog Grower (mash) or Vigor 16% Hog Grower (crumble)
85 to 115kg Thunder Bay Feeds Hog Finisher

A list of ingredients used in these feeds may be obtained from Thunder Bay Feeds.

Available in 25 kg bags. Thunder Bay Feeds Hog Pregrower, TBF Hog Grower and TBF Hog Finisher is available in 1 tonne tote bags as well (order tote bags 3 days in advance).