Heated buckets

These heated buckets are ideal in our rough winters. Plug in and offer your livestock water even in the dead of winter. In our experience the 5-gallon buckets remain ice free outdoors up till -30 or so, depending on wind conditions and the exact location.

  • Available in 16 and 5 gallons and 9 quarts (about 60, 19 and 8 liters).
  • 3 prong cord with chew protectors
  • Thermostatically controlled

Duck drinking from a heated bucket While the bigger models are ideal for horses and other bigger livestock, the smaller buckets can work well for all kinds of barnyard animals and pets. Ducks love the 9 quarts buckets as these allow them to put their head under water and splash, while these buckets are too small to swim in it, so ducks won’t get stuck in it. Keep away from baby chicks