Ducks (Performance Poultry)

$12.25- $21.50

A wide variety of 11 breeds of ducks from Performance Poultry.

Descriptions used with permission from Performance Poultry, pictures by Blue Snow Imaging. 

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White Pekin – An all white bird with orange beak and feet, Pekins grow really fast, they can reach 8 lbs. In 7 weeks! – $12.25

Rouen – These birds are very similar looking to the wild mallard; however, they are a lot larger than their wild relatives. – $12.25

Blue Swedish – This attractive duck is all blue except for a white patch on its chest and some white on its wings. – $15.60

Buff – The Buff Orpington is from England; both sexes are buff coloured, the male has a grey head. – $15.60

Khaki Campbell – Also known as the “Leghorn” in the duck world, these ducks will lay many eggs.- $15.60

Cayuga – The Cayuga is a greenish black color; this duck is very hardy. Cayugas lay a black egg initially, however, it gets lighter as the season progresses. – $15.60

Crested – We offer the following varieties: Pekin, Rouen, Blue Swedish, Black & White Magpie, Cayuga, Buff duck. –  $14.30

Welsh Harlequin – Developed in Wales, the Harlequin is a very nicely marked breed that also lays well. – $20.50