Columbian Rock X Red (Frey’s Hatchery)

This proven crossbreed has been with us for over 40 years, and today bears the distinction of being one of the hardiest breeds to be found. These birds have a beautiful colour pattern – basic white with black lacing on their necks, and black-trimmed wing tips and tails. End-of-lay body weight is 6 lbs. for pullets. The pullets are an exceptionally quiet bird in the laying pen.

Quantity Pullets Mixed Cockerels
5-19 $4.45 $3.65 $3.45
20-49 $3.95 $3.15 $2.95
50-99 $3.45 $2.65 $2.45
100 and over $2.95 $2.15 $1.95

90% sexing accuracy guarantee on Barred Rock & Rhode Island Red, all other breeds 96% (on orders over 30). No sexing accuracy guaranteed for orders less than 30 chicks. DO NOT order Columbian Rock X Red, Barred Rock & Rhode Island Red if you absolutely cannot have any cockerels.  

Deposit Charge – A $25.00 deposit is required per order. Any date or quantity changes or order cancellations will forfeit the deposit. 

Small Order Charge –  a $10 charge will apply to an order quantity of less than 10 (minimum quantity per species is 5)
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