Oster Golden A5 Single Speed – is an all around clipper powerful, durable and ideal for frequent general purpose clipping

Oster Golden A5 Two Speed – normal speed for general grooming and precise clipping, hi speed is designed for fast body clipping

Oster Power Max Two Speed – powerful, lightweight, designed for exceptional cutting performance

Wahl Arco SE – cordless with 2 quick release battery packs. Blade has a built in adjustable button for .1 to 3 mm cutting length

Wahl Chromado – cord/cordless, 5 cutting lengths from #9 to #40

Wahl KM2 – great for both light and heavy duty jobs on all types of coats including horses, dogs, cats and barnyard animals

Wahl Pocket Pro – quiet, compact unit ideal for trimming face and ears, battery operated

Wahl Stable Pro – Wahl’s most powerful rotary motor clipper. Cool running, extremely quiet and comes with adjustable 30-15-10 adjustable blade