Barred Plymouth Rock (Berg’s Hatchery)

A popular dual purpose breed that lays brown eggs at a good rate.

Barred Plymouth Rocks are easy to recognize with their barred (black and white) feathers when they are adults. These docile birds are a popular dual purpose breed and lay brown eggs at a good rate.
The chicks are black with a white spot on their head.

Quantity Pullets Mixed Cox
1 – 24 $7.18 $5.67
25 – 49 $6.18 $4.67 $3.27
50 – 99 $6.03 $4.52 $3.12
100+ $5.93 $4.42 $3.02

Minimum order per variety: 25 Chicks, 25 poults, 30 pheasants (breeds can be mixed to reach this minimum).

$25 deposit required per order. Any date changes, quantity changes or cancellations will forfeit the deposit.

Check the delivery dates and shipping and handling fees.

Barred Plymouth Rock