Bantams (Performance Poultry)

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Your choice of 13 different Bantam breeds in several colours, clean legged and feather legged from Performance Poultry. Click on the title to learn more.

Text: Performance Poultry, with permission. Image by Blue Snow Imaging. 

Bantams – Clean Legged

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Belgian Bearded d’Anvers – Quail, Blue Quail, Black, Self Blue – Developed in Belgium, the d’Anver is very small and nicely marked in many different varieties.

Japanese – White, Black, Black Tailed White, Black Tailed Buff – Developed in Japan these birds are beautiful and unusual with their very short legs; they do not require much space.

Sebright – Silver, Golden, Buff – Developed in Britain these bantams are eye catching with their attractive lacing feather pattern.

Cornish – White, Dark, White Laced Red, Blue Laced Red – Developed in England the Cornish are a stocky bird, they are tame and easy going.

Old English Game – Black Breasted Red, Silver Duckwing, Red Pyle,  Silver Blue, Self Blue, Blue, Lemon Blue, Black, Porcelain, Mille Fleur, Wheaten, Fawn Silver, Spangled, Mottled – Developed in England the Old English Game is hardy and athletic and comes in a variety of nice colours.

White Crested Black Polish – This bantam is outstanding with its large white crest and completely black body feathering, an excellent show bird.

Wyandotte – Blue laced Red, Blue, Buff Columbian, Columbian – This bantam is friendly, docile and very attractive; the hens make good broodies.

Easter Egger – Like its larger counterpart, the Easter Egger bantam is a good layer of mostly green eggs.

Bantams – Feather Legged

MIXED $9.45 – Go to Delivery Dates, Freight Costs, Deposit and minimum amounts

Brahma – Buff, Dark, Light – Brahma bantams are nicely colored docile birds; the Brahma hen makes a good broody; this breed can withstand cold temperatures quite well.

Cochin – Black, Blue, Buff, Gold Laced, Mottled, Red, Self Blue, White, Black Frizzle, Red Frizzle, White Frizzle, Partridge, Birchen – Developed in China, Cochins are friendly, cute, and popular as show birds and the hens make good mothers.

Silkie – Black, Blue, Buff, Partridge, Red, White – Silkies originate from the Orient. These birds are unique with feathering that looks more like fur, they are friendly and the Silkie hen makes an excellent broody.

Sultan – The Sultan bantam was developed in the U.S. This bird has a crest, beard, muff, feathering on its legs and toes, vulture hocks, five toes and completely white plumage.

Belgian Bearded d’Uccle – Mille Fleur (pictured), Porcelain, Brown Red, White, Golden Neck, Self Blue – Developed in Belgium the d’Uccle is a truly beautiful bantam that actually improves in looks after its first year.