Assorted Bantams (Berg’s Hatchery)

$8.70 ea

This package may include different varieties of Japanese, different varieties of Silkies, Sebrights, Sultans, Frizzle Cochins, Bantam Cornish varieties.

These birds are a variety package. Berg’s Hatchery has over 30 varieties of Bantams. The purpose of this package is to give you a good variety of fancy chickens without having to purchase a lot of birds.
Examples are: Mille Fleur Booted Bantams, Golden Sebright Bantams, White Silkie Bantams, Black Tailed White Japanese Bantams, Buff Silkie Bantams, Frizzle Bantams, White Cochin Bantams and Old English Game Bantams. Sorry no choosing and they come unsexed only.

$8.70 ea

For pictures, see Berg’s Hatchery

Minimum order of 10. Mixed only.

$25 deposit required per order. Any date changes, quantity changes or cancellations will forfeit the deposit.

Check the delivery dates and shipping and handling fees. Available June 1 only.