Artisan Gold (Berg’s Hatchery)

Price is $11.75 each, minimum of 10 – unsexed only.
Limited quantities, order early.

The Artisan Gold is reminiscent of a more traditional era, with old-world traditions and artisan values. With heritage tracing back to the Landes, Aquitaine region of France, the Artisan Gold is from a country renowned for its dedication to taste, uncompromising quality, and high standards.
The Artisan Gold is a rare breed that is small in size and slow growing. It has black feathers, unique coloring in the face and feet, long black legs, and a pronounced beak. The Artisan Gold thrives in a free-range or custom environment where it can express natural tendencies such as roaming and roosting. The Artisan Gold offers a robust, gamey taste that is exotically different from traditional turkeys currently in the market. With its unique and uncommon characteristics, the Artisan Gold is a standout on any farm or dinner table.

Beak Trimming $.16/chick

$25 deposit required per order. Any date changes, quantity changes or cancellations will forfeit deposit.

Check the delivery dates and shipping and handling fees.

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