12% Patriot Performance (texturized)

Masterfeeds 12% Patriot Performance is a high quality feed specifically designed for the pleasure or low-intensity performance horse. Balanced protein and amino acids, with quality carbohydrates and fats make this a well rounded multi purpose ration. Chelated minerals, high vitamin levels, and B-complex vitamins, promote a strong immune system and effective muscle repair. Added yeast promotes great digestion, making this a great option for any trainer or owner looking for a feed that is going to provide blended energy and great overall nutrition for their horse.

25 kg


Contains added fat from vegetable oil.
An easily digestible energy source to compliment the starch in grains to provide a balanced source of calories

High quality protein.
Provides essential amino acids.

Contains 100% organic trace minerals.
For increased bio-availability of those nutrients essential for immune response, hoof health, bone and cartilage development.

High level of Vitamin E.
Contributes to overall improved health, immunity, antioxidant properties, and optimal nerve and muscle function.

Contains 30 mg/kg organic Copper.
Involved in hemoglobin formation and bone development. Important for good health.

Contains Yea-Sacc® 1026 and Pulse 500.
Together, these products work as both a pre-biotic; feeding existing bacteria and a pro-biotic; adding more beneficial bugs to the gut. This works to stabilize the gut, reduces digestive upsets, and maximizes nutrient digestion and absorption.